External Memories

(Scientific American)

Underground Wi-Fi


Violet Cave

(Wonderland Magazine)

Hei Sinä

(Outdoor Finland)

Wallpaper* Handmade Portraits

(Wallpaper* Magazine)

The World Within a Grain of Sand

(Grafia Magazine)

Not On The High Street Rebrand

(Not On The High Street)


(Stanford Business Magazine)

Cloud Solutions


Lovely Pieces

(Cadbury Crispello)

Sleep Spaces

(Personal Project)

Most Innovative

(Fast Company Magazine)

See Your World Differently

(Glasgow Film Festival)

To Climb A Mountain

(Nordea Private Banking)

Cologne Containers

(Intersection Magazine)

Dead Alive

(Goddamn Electric Bill)

Tired Arms

(Motive Sounds Recordings)

Chunks for a Change

(Ben & Jerry's)

Walmart's Evolution

(Fast Company Magazine)

Business & Career

(HOW Magazine)

iPad Design Guide

(Computer Arts Magazine)



Green Giants?

(Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

London Olympics

(Personal Project)

More Than Words


Let's Do Brunch

(Many Hands)


(Personal Project)

Spring Paper Expo

(Art Director's Club)

All in the Crop


Winter Wines

(The Independent)

Incident of Nature

(Royal Mail)

Shop Together



(HHMI Bulletin)

Quest for Dairy Without the Ouch


The Pop-Up Revolution

(G2 / The Guardian)

Cutting Edge


Opening Lines

(The Guardian)

The Dirty Life

(Portobello Books)

Holiday Movie Preview

(TIME Magazine)

The Start of Something Different


Ice Bear




Happy Winter


Dawn of the Deed

(Scientific American)

Alone in the Empty Cottage (part ii & iii)

(Analogue Books)

How We Are Evolving

(Scientific American)



Video Game Piracy


Addicted to Dreaming

(Live Now)



You'll Laugh & Cry

(The Guardian)