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Shop Together


A short film for fashion company Motilo. Tasked with demonstrating how customers can use Motilo's website to shop together, photographer Ryan Hopkinson and I recreated the label's online space as a large, physical set. The set was constructed in collaboration with designer Thomas Forsyth, and brought to life by ballet dancers Bianca & Verity Hopkins.

Director: Ryan Hopkinson
DOP: David Procter
Set Design & Prop Stylist: Owen Gildersleeve
Set Build: Thomas Forsyth
Music: Evan Gildersleeve
Camera Assistant: Will Bunce
Assistant Prop Stylist: Florrie Thomas
Model: Sara Brajovic
Dancers: Bianca & Verity Hopkins
Hair: Oliver De Almeida Waqued
Make-up: Model: Gina Blondell
Stage Hand: Jon Green
Stage Hand: Laurie Rollitt